About this project

This search engine for the parliamentary proceedings of the Netherlands, the UK and Canada has been developed in the Digging into Linked Parliamentary Data project. It contains all proceedings from both houses until roughly 2014. The starting dates vary per country and change wen we get more data in good quality available. For the Netherlands we start in 1814.

The purpose of the website is to show the rich possibilities for exploratory search in these highly structured documents.

For more information contact Maarten Marx.


Sander Lijbrink, Kees Halvemaan, Maarten Marx, Kaspar Beelen, Laura Mul.


This search engine is developed within the NWO Creative Industries Project ExPoSe (Exploratory Political Search) and the NWO Digging into Data Project DiLiPaD.

The PoliticalMashup project has been sponsored by the following institutions: